100 Buttons

The 100th day of school is approaching and to “celebrate” the kids had to do a project. I find out on Thursday night they have to make a t-shirt with 100 things drawn, painted, or glued to it. My kiddo tells me he wants to do buttons.

So the only person in the world I know that has miscellaneous buttons laying around is my mom. I immediately called her. She laughed and said she had hundreds of buttons and I could come by and get them.

Saturday afternoon I packed up the kiddo and we headed to Mom’s. We visited for a few hours and I bitched and moaned about things to Mom. She listened with a sympathic ear. It was just what I needed. Moms are good like that.

I helped her set up her email because she couldn’t make it work. So I showed her how to do it and she can now get her email without any problems. I guess she traded being a therapist for my computer expertise. 🙂

After we got home, we ate dinner and then worked on the shirt. I had an old “We Stand United” shirt that I turned inside out for the project. I let the kiddo lay the buttons out in any design he wanted. And he did a great job, too. Then I hot glued them (and my fingers) to the shirt. I think it came out very cute!


Don’t you?

I love that kid. It makes me want to hug and squeeze him every time I see this shirt.

So he’s off to school with his 100 Things Shirt. I hope the teacher likes it. We had fun doing it together.

Then that night, we snuggled up together and read his new Magic Tree House book, Night of the New Magicians. It’s set at the Paris World’s Fair in 1889.

Sunday were we off to church. I hadn’t been in about two weeks and I tell you, I was glad I went. Sometimes, you just need that, too. Long talks with Mom and a good sermon from a great orator.

After church, I had to run by the store and get milk, totally forgetting it was Superbowl Sunday. What the crap? It was a zoo in there! We got our four things and luckily I didn’t have to stand in line too long.

But you know what kills me? Those self check-out lines are GREAT. Especially when you have like five things and you just want to get in and out. I absolutely DETEST those folks who have a week’s worth of groceries and go through the self check-out. You’re an idiot. Just suck it up and stand in line like you’re supposed to. You’re going to have to unload them from your cart anyway, so you may as well have someone scan and bag them for you. And I’m pretty sure it takes 124098029384 minutes longer to self check-out than to wait in line.

Anyway… Sunday afternoon we went to Starbucks and I got a latte and the kiddo got a slice of marble pound cake. Ate the whole thing, too. Then we came home and played catch in the front yard.

Did I mention it was 75 degrees here today? Strange. It was like spring. We’re wearing short-sleeved shirts and flip flops. Hello. That’s the way the weather has been all winter – warm/cold/warm/cold. I wish it’d just make up it’s mind already. It’s wreaking havoc on colds and allergies. And I still have frigging ant beds in my backyard!

Oh and it looks like the signing on Saturday is going to happen after all. Well, I guess. I haven’t heard back from the bookstore so I’m going to assume that means they were able to get the book. I’m not exactly holding my breath. I’ll be excited when the day arrives and I’m sitting at the table with a pen in hand. (And hopefully selling books!)

I’ve come to have very low expectations of folks these days. It allows me to be pleasantly surprised.

Okay I’m off to work and to take the kiddo to school. Blah. Why’s it gotta be Monday already?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.