100 Issues

I can hardly believe it. Today I completed Issue 100 of the romance serial! Not only do I have that as a major milestone, but I have hit my one year anniversary with KeepItComing. Oh, and April also marks the one year anniversary of blogging (sadly, I have no archives from ye olde blog..but tis okay). My goodness how time flies!

For Issue 100, I wrote a short section about each sister. Just to sort of transition. I have completed the major plotline for Hope’s story and am now on to the major plotline for Faith. Destiny will be last. I renewed my contract to keep the serial on the web since I have some new subscribers and it’s still selling. I still plan to end it at around issue 117 but I think it may go longer. It’ll just depend on how much space I need to complete each plotline.

I’m getting there.

I’m trying to write one issue a day so I can get all caught up. I really need to go work on Ransom & Fortune now but I’m starting to get a little tired. Too many late nights in a row I reckon. My hero and heroine have just made another time travel leap and so I’m trying to decide where I want to head off to now. I was thinking perhaps something in Colonial America or Stonehenge. I haven’t decided which. Either one will need extensive research. Of course, I’m sort of bending the rules of history for my own purposes…I’m thinking it’s about time to really shake things up a bit. There are so many possibilities that I’m actually thinking about doing an alternate universe (I have Inspiredgirl to thank for that idea! :)).

Anyway.. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. At least I’m writing again!

I’d like to do a fantasy serial next and I think I have an idea for one. Either that, or I’m going to chop up the novel for the serial. The jury is still out on that one…only because I still love my novel and I still think it may have a shot at getting published someday. Who knows… maybe it will strike the fancy of some editor or agent.

And.. at work today, I was using the very nice very expensive GBC binding machine. It’s one of those where it punches the holes for you automatically. Got a laminated cover stuck in it. It started to smoke and smell. Oh yeah, I busted it. Talk about embarrassing. At least I only had one sheet in there and I had a witness that I wasn’t doing anything off the wall. Isn’t that always the way things work when you’re on a deadline and have to get something out that day? Ah well.

The office is so quiet. It’s hard to get used to after being on a raucous jobsite. Took some music to work today so I could have some background noise at least. Maidens of the Celtic Harp is now a permanent resident on the hard drive.

All righty then.. back to the writing. I’m hoping to finish the next issue of Ransom & Fortune tonight.

By Michelle

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