Adding a Word Meter

Quote of the Day:
If the sea were ink / For the words of my Lord, / the sea would be spent before the Words of my Lord are spent.
–Qur’an (from Bartleby.Com)

Gaw, I’m tired. I don’ t know why. Could it be I have interrupted sleep at 2 am every morning? Last night it was DS, hollering that he needed to go potty. I stumbled out of bed and up the stairs to help him get to the bathroom. He actually went! Thank goodness he’s finally getting this potty thing down. We’ve still got some work to do, but we’re very close to getting over this major parenting hurdle.

I was going to write last night, really I was. Instead I tinkered on the computer all night. I cleared out my email, read a blog or two, and then posted in my own again (see Best Mistakes below). Afterwards, I headed downstairs to read more of Characters & Viewpoint, but fell asleep shortly after starting. I’m nearly done with the book and I’d like to finish it up before moving on to the fiction novel I have waiting on me.

I added a word meter to the side of the blog for my current WIP. I wanted something I could see every day that will remind me to write every day. My target word count is 50,000. I figure it’s a good start. My target finish date is July 31. That gives me almost two months to get it written. This will be just the bare bones of the novel. Then I can start getting it out for critique and flesh everything out that I missed.

I’m so excited about this novel, I can hardly stand it.

Wrote one issue of the romance serial yesterday and I need to get one issue of the adventure done today. I need to get them both turned in by this afternoon. That’s my goal on the serial. I should have written one issue each yesterday but I got distracted with the new WIP.

Welp, just got handed an org chart to draw so I guess I best go get that done. And then I gotta figure out how to frame this award the company received. I’m going to hurry and get it all done so I can concentrate on my writing. *grin*

By Michelle

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