Fun and Games

Last night, I couldn’t wait to get home and cook dinner. Isn’t that strange? But I was hungry for fried chicken tenders and mashed potatoes so that’s what we had. Stunk up the house, too. But oh well! It was tasty. Then the kiddo and I played on our respective computers.

That kid is so nutty. He came home from his grandparents after watching cartoons singing Oh My Darlin’ and Figaro. It was cracking me up. When he went to get on his computer, I told him one hour and he shouts back, “Yeah! I know! I don’t need that information.” Of course, I scolded him for his backtalk but inside, I was laughing hysterically.

Since he got his second crown, we’re having issues with teeth brushing. He doesn’t want to do it because it hurts and I can’t really blame him. But I’m worried it’s going to get bacteria under there if he doesn’t brush good. So we brush our teeth together and have a race.

We finished reading Magic Tree House #17 and now we’re out of books. So, I think we’ll go to the bookstore tonight and pick up 18-20. He loves them so and I want to encourage his reading as much as possible.

Then, as he lay in his bed before going to sleep, he shouted Figaro! at the top of his lungs again. It was cracking me up.

And Friday… I’m taking the day off and we’re going to Six Flags! The kiddo doesn’t know it yet – I’m going to surprise him. My friend had a coupon for buy an adult ticket get the kid’s free so we’re all going out there for the day. We’re even packing up our lunches and stuff so we don’t have to buy food out there because it’s so darned expensive.

This weekend we have plans to see Wall-E (if I can get to the early show!) and Kung Fu Panda. We’re excited about both movies. So it should be a super busy weekend. I can’t wait!

By Michelle

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