Slow Progress

Quote Du Jour:
“Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly boy with a horse and a stick.”
–A Knight’s Tale

Ahhh… venti vanilla latte…

Heaven in a cup. I desperately needed it this morning.

May I just say how annoying speaker phones are? The VP who’s office is next to my lovely cube conducts all his business – personal and otherwise – via speaker phone. Like I really want to hear his wife tell him when she gets in the shower and when she goes to work out. You’d think he wouldn’t want that blasted all over the office.

Also, my area smells of sautéed onions this morning. I have no idea why.

I should have written two issues of Ransom & Fortune yesterday, but instead I wrote on the new WIP. I’m up to 16,423, so just over 1000 words yesterday. Good progress but not good enough for me.

I did have a major breakthrough on a plot point (thanks, Lara!). So that was great progress. Wrote it all down. My notes are growing for the novel. At least I’m getting somewhere!

Not much else to report other than I’ll be glad when these back-to-back proposals are out of here. It feels like it should be Friday.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.