Writing Away

Quote Du Jour:
Gloria: “You get car sick, plane sick, train sick. You practically puke riding on the escalator at Bloomingdale’s!”
Joan: “Well… a lot of people get sick in department stores.”
–Romancing the Stone

Very sad thing about the bombings in London. When will the terrorists go away? Keeping all those affected by the attacks in my thoughts.

I find it difficult to collect my thoughts this morning. I don’t know why that is. My brain is just tired. Foggy. Like I have cobwebs in there for whatever reason.

It doesn’t help that my sleep has been disturbed every morning at 4:30. Getting back to sleep only delays the inevitable. When my alarm goes off, it makes it doubly difficult to get up and get going.

Although, I have to admit I feel perkier today than I have all week. And for a short week, it sure has been a long one.

I need to write on the serials today. But the novel is pulling me so hard. I really want to work on the new WIP. But I know I have to work on the serials. I’m at a point now where I’m stuck on the adventure and I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I need to start making better notes as I write so I won’t get hung up.

More words on the new WIP. But I’m starting to doubt my goal of 50K by the end of the month. I hope I can make it, but I’m not sure now. I should write on the weekends, really, but things are so busy then that I find it hard to find the time.

Spent some time helping a good friend get her website up and going. I made a really snazzy graphic for her new blog. You can see it here. I love it! I’m excited for her and I know she is as well on finally getting things up and running. This is her first foray into the world of blogging.

Learning to use Photoshop has really opened a lot of graphic doors for me. So that’s exciting as well. I just don’t get to use it as much as I’d like. I’m hoping to get a good book on the program so I can really learn how to do some fantastic things. I love my revamped website, I just wish I had been able to do something like that myself. (Yes, it’s a template.. but it fits me so well I think!)

I also want to get my submission package ready for Berkley today. I have some minor edits to make on the first three chapters and I intend to look at them this morning. And then write on the serials… and then the new WIP…

So much writing… so little time…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.