2000 posts!

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I just realized … today is my 2000th post! Is that POSSIBLE? Have I been blogging at this site for that long? This is certainly a momentous occasion and I almost missed it. I almost didn’t realize it was the 2000th post.

Hm. What are some other things I’ve done 2000 times? I reached over 2000 tweets on Twitter. I *know* I’ve posted over 2000 status updates on Facebook. I’m sure I’ve posted more than 2000 comments, too.

I’d like to say I have 2000 pairs of shoes, but I’m pretty sure my husband would be unhappy with me. (However, I’m adding this to my goals list.)

I certainly don’t have 2000 handbags, but maybe I should reconisder that as well. For future reference.

I *know* I’ve spent over $2,000 in shoes and handbags. It’s a gold mine in that closet. (Shh. Don’t tell Man.)

I probably, at one time, had 2000 books but have since culled the herd. Most have gone to Half Price Books. Others have gone to friends and/or family.

Oh! I know! I have a 2000 song MP3 collection. That’s…staggering.

I started off the year 2000 drunk and puking up my toenails in my sister’s bathroom. (Yeah, let’s not go there. REALLY. In fact, I’m not sure I have much recollection of January 1, 2000…)

So, WOW! Here I am at 2000. I can’t let this pass without at least a nod of celebration. Ready?

  • Here is my first blog post on this site on 4/11/2005.
  • This blog post got the most comments to date. And by the fabulous Misty Evans!
  • This post is one of my all time favorites. (Love you, honey!)
  • This one is all about Dreamkillers and Naysayers.
  • And here is where someone hijacked my email address. It still makes me mad.
  • Let’s not forget the great Ikea Debacle of 2006.
  • A super informative blog post from my friend, Devon, on freelancing. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2.

There were numerous posts about Lost, numerous guests who came to visit (Devon Ellington, Jennifer August, Allison Pang, Madeleine Drake, Teri Thackston, Miriam NewmanLisa Marie Wilkinson, and lots more!), and numerous times I was happy it was Friday. 😉

Since it’s Friday and since it’s my 2000th post, I THINK THIS CALLS FOR A GIVEAWAY! Yes, I’m shouting. Yes! I’m just that damned excited.

I would *love* to see 2000 comments today. If that happens, I will not only dance a little jig, but also give the 2000th commenter my entire backlist. LOL If that doesn’t happen…well, then I will draw a name at random and give that person a download of one of my ebooks, winner’s choice, along with a copy of my two short stories, EORWULF and THE SOUL OF SHARAH. Free books, people! So comment up until midnight CST and the I’ll draw a winner tomorrow and email that winner (don’t forget to put in your email address!).

So get to commenting and spread the word!

Happy 2000 day!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.