Stooopid Computers

Had my regular chapter meeting today. Was great as usual.

Got home to discover that my keyboard decided to stop working. It’s wireless, so I tried doing the “connect” thing again. Didn’t work. I tried unplugging the thing and plugging it back in. Didn’t work. So when I tried to log off, it locked up. THEN after getting the keyboard working again, the network seemed to be down. (!) Sooooo… woke DH up to make him come figure out the problem. He was happy about that, I’ll tell ya.

Of course, I get the whole “What did you do NOW?” song-and-dance. :wasntme:

It seems the network port on my motherboard has crapped out. Which means I couldn’t access email or the internet. Luckily we had a wireless network thingy (don’t ask me, I only know software) and it’s working again (thanks to DH.. so glad I have my own personal IT guy). :relieved:

Looks like I need a new network card, though. At least it’s better than a whole new motherboard.

And now I have a bad case of the sleepies. :yawn:

By Michelle

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