From the new novel, the contemporary.

She huffed out a breath, tucked her magazine under her arm, and then rose. “Don’t you have some heart patients to see?”

“I’m off duty.” He gave her a toothy grin.

Rolling her eyes, Claudia stalked off, hoping to get outside before he caught up to her. To her horror, though, he followed her out into the blazing Texas heat. Squinting against the bright afternoon sun, she slipped her Oakleys over her eyes.

“So now you’ve decided to follow me? Are you going to start stalking me, too?” she snapped. “I’m still not giving you my number.”

“Claudia, maybe I need to explain about the other night.”

“No need to explain.” She approached the corner, pausing to look both directions before crossing the street. “I get it.”

“You get what?”

“You’re taken. Or not interested. Whatever. I totally get it.”

He snagged her arm and spun her around before she could step off the curb. “I’m very interested.”

Blake swept her hair off her shoulder, his large warm hand resting on her neck and giving her more delicious fantasies.

“You are?”

“Uh huh.”

His thumb traced a sinful line along the curve of her neck, leaving her feeling tingly even in the oppressive humidity. She squelched the moan threatening to erupt in her throat.

“And about Friday—” he began.

“Blake Marsh?”

The low sexy voice attached to a striking buxom blond interrupted him. His hand dropped from Claudia’s neck as he turned his full attention on the tramp.

“Alicia, hi.” He gave Claudia a sideways glance.

“I’ve missed you,” blond bimbo said, running a pink tongue over her full red lips.

“Have you?” Blake kept his voice even and monotone. A feat, Claudia was sure.

“Wittle Awicia has been soo wonwey without you, Blakey-wakey,” she cooed in her best baby talk. She walked her fingers up his arm and leaned into him, brushing her overly large breasts against him. Her hand slithered along his collar as she fondled this neck.

Claudia thought she would see her cheesecake again. This time on the concrete and she really didn’t want to upchuck a five dollar piece of heaven for God and everyone to see in downtown Fort Worth. Anger boiled under her skin and if she hadn’t been holding a half-empty cup of coffee in one hand and her purse in the other, she would have clenched her fists. Instead, she shook her head, tossing a glare at Blake and stepped off the curb to cross the street.

© Michelle Miles, 2005

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.