Lost Muse

Quote of the Day:
You did something incredibly stupid.
— Scully, The X Files

The sound of silence in the house is almost deafening. I usually relish the silence, but not tonight. Tonight I wish I had the murmur of the television and the snoring of my husband. I am really starting to hate being here alone all the time.

I thought I’d try to relax a little by downing two martinis. Blech. The vodka left a horrible taste in the back of my throat. Plus, I crashed in front of the TV watching a really bad movie. I feel like I have a hang over. Went upstairs to check on my son. This is the first night in a while he’s been asleep before ten. Quite a feat. I asked my MIL to cut back on the naptime to just an hour and that seemed to work.

Anyway… trying not to think about the deafening silence.

Spent over an hour reading Anna Genoese’s blog yesterday. She’s a very fascinating and interesting person. I was immediately sucked in and couldn’t stop reading. I’m proud to say I have one of her rejections sitting on my desk upstairs.

I started a new WIP yesterday. It’s really not that great, but it felt good to write something that wasn’t the serials. I actually got about seven pages done. Have no idea where the story is going of if I’ll even pick it back up again. It’s that story I posted a snippet of below. But I swear, I think my muse has deserted me. I have zero creativity when it comes to the writing lately. I just crank out the serial issues because I know I have to. When I’m writing the issues, I just write. I know there’ s no room to go back and revise because I’m behind and what I write is IT. I just look for typos and get them turned in as fast as I can.

Speaking of the serials, I really should go work on them. My brain is tired though. I have one issue of each almost done. I just need to finish them, polish, and turn them in.

Sometime or another I need to start the May newsletter. I don’t know how everything suddenly fell by the wayside, but it did. I hope May is a better month.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.