No Hot Water

This morning as I was putting the trash by the curb, the theme from The Incredibles was running in my head.

And the other day, DS and I quoted from above mentioned movie. It went something like this:

DS: Are we there yet?
ME: We get there when we get there.
DS: How ya doin’ honey?
ME: Do I have to answer?

He then proceeded to quote the next line of which I cannot recall at the moment. Clearly we’ve seen this movie way too much.

Last night, I opened up my latest issue I’m working on with every intention of writing. With my fingers hovering over the keyboard, I found myself nodding off in the worst way. Pretty sad when you fall asleep at the keyboard. I gave up. Too many late nights I suppose, so I shut down the laptop and gave in to sleep.

Overall the week has been very productive. Four issues done and sent in and I’m working on both serials at the same time. It’s good progress. I’m inching closer to the final issue of the romance. Whew. (Still that nagging fantasy is gnawing at me. I might just see where it takes me.)

Thinking of entering Tall Tales Press hidden talents short story contest. I have a story I’d like to submit. A friend of mine helped me polish it up and made a great suggestion for the end. Now I just need to figure out if I can get Canadian funds for the entry fee. Hmm.

Got an email from my editor over at KIC regarding the ebooks. I’d really like to do one but I don’t think I can make the July 15th deadline. Not with everything else going on and especially trying to catch up on the serials.

Got two lovely thank you notes today. They were thanking me for judging their entries for our Winter Rose contest. The conference is…egads…next Saturday. I need to go buy fresh mangoes so I can bake that mango cheesecake. Better yet, I need to find that recipe. And I really need to swing by MJ Designs and get some of that clear wrapping stuff so I can finish those baskets.

Since DH is coming home tomorrow, I figured I’d mow the front and the back so he wouldn’t have to do it. As I went into the garage to get my gloves, I noticed a horrible hissing sound and water running from the hot water heater. Lovely. The thing was leaking and it ran all the way down the garage, down the driveway, and to the corner. So, it will have to be replaced this weekend and I have no hot water until then. Nice.

I’m convinced this is a conspiracy. Do the Debt Gods know I just paid off some bills? Because it’s been one stupid thing after another. First the fence blew over and it had to be replaced at the price tag of $1000, then I had to drop $500 on my deductible for when the car got broken into and now this. Another $500 at least.

Ah well. Such is life.

Managed to get some writing done. After a cold shower that is. Issue 88 for Ransom & Fortune is complete. I just need to proof before I can send. It’s a slow process but I think I’m finally getting caught up. Finally.

Okay.. it’s late.. I’m off to bed.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.