PJ Day

Quote of the Day:
“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.”
All’s Well That Ends Well, Act IV, Scene II, William Shakespeare

So. I cooked again last night. I made fried pork chops. I think that had to be one of my favorite meals when I was a kid growing up. Because I was lazy and didn’t want to take the time to make real mashed potatoes, I made instant. They are SO not as good as the real deal. There’s nothing like real mashed potatoes. Even though I’m a big believer of cooking out of a box, I am NOT, however, a fan of instant mashed potatoes.

I decided yesterday I would polish up the first three chapters of the historical, finish the synopsis, and go ahead and submit it to my editor. I figure I should go ahead and get a feel for it and see if it’s worth finishing. I worked on the synopsis off and on, never really getting to that completion point I wanted to get to. I tried to work on the book last night, but instead found myself watching four episodes of Sex and the City. What can I say – I’m a junkie.

Then I shut off the show at 11 and tried to go to sleep. I laid there until 12:30 when I was just starting to doze. You know – getting into that happy place… when my husband’s cell phone rang. Work was calling. Again! ARGH!

Finally got back to sleep and had weird-ass dreams. Didn’t want to wake up this morning and I feel almost hungover. A sleep hangover. That’s like the worst.

Anyhoo…Sweetie Boy had “Pajama Day” at school. Since the weather is now frigid (instead of warm like yesterday!) I didn’t want to send him to school in his super-warm footy pjs. Instead, I put jeans on him and his other pj top. As we were getting ready to leave, he said, “Mom, you forgot to change my shirt.” When I reminded him it was PJ Day, he said, “Oh, right right.”

Must dash. Things to do.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.