5 Stars, Man Candy Monday and Thanksgiving

Quite a mash up of a subject, isn’t it? 🙂

First, in case you missed my oddly timed post yesterday, here’s the good news! ONE KNIGHT ONLY received 5 stars and a top pick from Night Owl Reviews! I was super excited to read this great review which says that “One Knight Only is jam-packed with a lot of adventure and tangled secrets.” And lots of other glowing stuff. You can read the entire review here.

Second, Man Candy Monday. If you’re following me on Twitter and you “like” me on Facebook (and if you haven’t, then get thee to Twitter/Facebook and Follow/Like), then you know every Monday is Man Candy Monday. I’m looking for some pictures of sexy men to post started in January. Send me your hot many candy, ladies! Please keep the pics somewhat PG-13 cuz my mom particpates in Man Candy Monday, too. 😉 Just email me if you have ideas for some hot guys you want me to tweet and FB about.

And third… tomorrow is Thanksgiving? Say what? I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. I’ll be buys baking cheesecakes and pumpkin bars. Thursday, we will be spending it with my entire clan at Mom’s. I’m looking forward to stuffing myself and laughing myself silly.

I am thankful for my wonderful hubby, my tremendous kid, my crazy family, the fact that I have a job with a great company, and all my wonderful friends who are part of my life, even in a long-distance/email capacity.

I’m taking a short hiatus. The blog will return on Monday, November 28. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.