Productive Writing Day

Movie Quote of the Day:
Can you tell I’m wearing underwear? Cause I totally am.
— Jenna, 13 Going on 30

Today was a good day. Not much to do at the office, which is always nice. I proofed and edited issue 103 of Scars and sent it off. I wrote issue 90 of Ransom & Fortune and sent it off. I edited 100 pages of my novel. WOOHOO! It was very productive on the writing front. Still behind on the serials, but at least I’m getting the issues written.

I’m excited about my novel again. After going through it and making some edits, it renewed that spark for the world I created. I was so into it this afternoon, it was hard to pull back out of it. I really felt like I was there, living with those people, in the action. It was so much fun!

I know I know. I should be working on something new. I have several WIPs I need to be writing instead of editing pages. But I couldn’t resist the pull of the novel. Besides, if I’m going to write the sequel, I’ve got to re-familiarize myself with that world. I’m still thinking of the novel even as I write this. I’m also thinking that I should not have had those chocolate covered strawberries, I’m thinking about the serials, and I’m thinking that I’d really like to go to sleep.

I did some hero research this evening while DS played on the computer. I knew he would be entertained for a while so it gave me a chance to surf. I have found a new heartthrob:

Gerard Butler as Beowulf

Oh yeah. He’s a hottie. And he’ll be one of my next heroes very soon. I cannot wait for the new movie Beowulf and Grendel!

I started reading Orson Scott Card’s Character and Viewpoint last night. I didn’t get very far before I had to put it down and get some sleep. I hope to get back to it tonight. I also got Conflict, Action & Suspense. So many research books, so little time. Too bad I can’t sit and read at work when I have downtime.

I have another mms. to finish reading for my friend and I’ve sent off mine to someone for an opinion. I’m looking forward to hearing what she thinks.

Okay.. off to work on the serials. I’m getting closer to finishing the romance!

By Michelle

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