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Six days until release day! And today I have fellow Plotting Princess, sweetheart and SASSY writer, the fabo Ms. VICKI BATMAN today. She’s here to talk about the winter weather and giving away an eBook copy of BUG STUFF one lucky commenter. So be sure to comment to enter to WIN. Plus you’ll be entered into the grade prize drawing for the Nook Simple Touch Reader! Grand Prize open to US residents only.

I’d like to be a bear and hibernate

I have friends who cannot stand the summer heat. Me? I’m all for it and can’t stand winter. I’m just not cold tolerant.

buttoned-up-for-the-coldAs a kid, I could only wear dresses to school. My legs were always cold and needed vast quantities of lotion–check that—my whole body craved lotion.

Gloves? No.

Pants? After school and weekends.

Coats? Yes. Did you have a tough time cramming them in your locker?

Leggings? Fishnet stockings were quite popular and rather holey.

Sweater? Yes, a white cardigan, a must-have for every young lady.

Boots? No.

My toe-sies suffered and suffered until a few years ago when I discovered Ugg boots. Now, they are quite toasty. And I adore thick sweat pants and a basic crew neck sweat shirt. Cheap gloves abound, extras stashed in the car, handbag, and every coat.

Really, I miss my flip-flops. I’d like to hibernate on my couch with a stack of great romance reads and a warm blankie until winter passes.

BUG-STUFF-and-Other-Stories_largeSo what’s your temperature gauge–warm weather or cold?

Coming soon: Bug Stuff and…other stories

Three hilarious short reads: “Bug Stuff”: A co-worker unites with the hunky, new accountant to fight a pesky adversary. “Just Desserts”: A political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her handsome seat-mate. “With This Ring”: The Unimaginable. When a wife forgets her little black dress for a must-attend event, all turns into something utterly romantic and unforgettable in the end.

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