Idol & XM

Movie Quote of the day:
Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.
–Genie, Aladdin

Another productive writing day. I got issues 104 and 105 done on Scars. *clap* *cheer* Now I just need to get two issues done on Ransom & Fortune. I’ve started one of the issues, but will most likely finish up tomorrow.

American Idol
Okay… watched the show tonight. Clearly, Bo Bice will be the winner. He was so amazing! His version of Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me was amazing. It gave me chills. When his CD comes out, I will be a total geek and buy it. But it will be the first American Idol CD I have ever bought. I love his voice; I love the twinkle in his eye when he sings (HD TV rocks for that on closeups); I love his look, the long hair, the facial hair (YUM). I have to admit I have a crush. Looking forward to the results show and then the finale next week.

XM Radio
My favorite station is Squizz. I just love that name too… it’s fun to say…SQUIZZ. It’s a “hard alternative” station and they play some very interesting stuff. I don’t always like it, but the other day as I was driving home, they had an incredible set. It always surprises me when I hear the f-word on the radio. They can do that on satellite and no one gives a crap. The classical is great as well as the jazz station. And I totally dig that it’s commercial free. How can I ever go back to regular radio?

And speaking of radio, I was listening to the classical station on XM. I think to be a DJ on classical stations you have to have that certain smooth-talking baritone sound to your voice. All classical DJs sound the same. Have you noticed that? Or is it just me?

Ah well. Off to write!

By Michelle

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