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Movie Quote of the Day:
Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking, nerve-hurter!
Princess Leia, The Empire Strikes Back (aka Episode V)

I had the best idea while mowing this afternoon. I concocted a romantic comedy set in medieval times. Kind of like A Knight’s tale but different. Along those same lines. Anyway… I had to keep thinking about something to keep my mind of the bloody heat while I mowed. Good golly it was all I could do to finish. I’m thinking I’m going to hire a lawn boy to mow and edge from now on. This mowing crap is for the birds.

For the first time, I’m seriously considering using a pseudonym. Not that I don’t love my real name (I think it sounds “authory”) or that I’m ashamed of anything I write or that I’m trying to hide or anything… I’ve just been thinking that I like writing in two different genres (paranormal/fantasy and contemporary) and I think that I’d publish each genre under a different name. Not that I think I’m going to be a Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb or anything. It’s just a thought. And I came up with a really great nom de plume. And no, I’m not going to tell it here. 😛

I also came up with a new contemporary as I was mowing (big yard). I just kept thinking I had to keep going, that if I stopped, I’d never get the whole thing done. And then I wondered if I passed out, would anyone notice? The only person home was my 3-yr-old (and he can’t even dial a phone) and I never ever see my neighbors (seriously, I think they either hibernate or have that never-leave-the-house phobia that Sigourney Weaver had in that movie…what the hell is it called? I can’t remember…). Anyway… if I passed out… with the mowing running… lying in the middle of the yard in direct sun… would anyone pause to see what was up? Or would they just take off with mower? My writer mind must have been working overtime because I started concocting a story right then.

My brain is all over the place tonight. I’m in one of those I’m tired but I can’t rest phases.

For some reason or another, the M.Y.T.H. Inc books by Robert Asprin came to mind today. I loved those books and now I’m wondering what happened to all of my copies. I gotta go find these books again. I miss spending time with Skeeve and Aahz. Their Myth Adventures was my first exposure to light fantasy. Looks like it’s time to hit eBay!

By Michelle

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