Movie Quote of the Day:
Jack: I mean it. Your writing is hot.
Joan: You haven’t even read the book.
— Romancing the Stone

I did no writing last night, like I had intended. Fatigue overcame me. The heat does that. It took me about thirty minutes to finish mowing and then after that I was wiped out. DS and I went to Sonic for dinner and I had the extra long cheese coney. Tonight I think I’ll have Chinese food. I’m craving Sesame Chicken.

I really need to work on the serials today. I should get at least one issue of each written. I’m just not motivated. Not motivated to do a whole heckuva lot, come to think of it. It’s Friday, and I just want to surf the net all day.

I caught up on my favorite blogs today. Managed to leave comments on several.

I printed out some paperwork for one of the gals here in the office.

That’s the extent of my workday. LOVE IT.

Actually, I take back that I didn’t write anything. I did. I wrote about 200 words of a new story that came to me while mowing. It was the heat exhaustion about to kick in when I hallucinated this story. So I wrote it down.

Read a story for a friend of mine. She’s entering it in a contest and I gave it a read-through. Great story. Am also continuing to read the paranormal mss. I really like it. Since I knew I’d be sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday, I printed off several pages of it and read while in the waiting room. I really like this story and am looking forward to the HEA.

Not much creeping around in my brain. Guess I’ll get to it.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.