Books of the Past

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Why can’t they just say go to this place, here’s the treasure, spend wisely?”
–Riley Poole, National Treasure

The AC is still working, thank goodness. It got to over 100 at the house this weekend. Blech. I guess that dog days of summer are here in Texas already.

I should have been writing last night but instead I decided to scour the ‘net for some old favorite books. When I was in junior high, I remember reading the Robert Asprin “Myth” books. I loved those so I decided to go on a quest. Had I known they would be so difficult to find, I would have never gotten rid of them! I’m keeping a watchful eye on several auctions at eBay. I checked Amazon and BN.Com too. Most of the older books are already out of print. Sadly. But at least there’s eBay!

The other series I was looking for were the Indiana Jones “Find Your Fate” books. Gosh I used to love these books. They were very well read when I had them. And I gave them to one of my nephews. Idiot. I should have kept them because they are next to impossible to find too. Not that they’d be worth anything, but it would be nice to still have them so I can read them every now and then. If you’re not familiar with these, they are written in second person. You get to be Indy’s sidekick and go on an adventure with him. At then end of each page is a choice which leads you down another path. Why did I get rid of these, you may ask? Because I was “grown up” and didn’t need them anymore.

Oh how I regret it.

The Robert Asprin books was my first journey into fantasy. I was hooked from then on. The next books I picked up were by Patricia A. McKillip. I still remember reading The Forgotten Beasts of Eld for the first time. Since then, I’ve read several of her books (though I admit not as much as I’d like). Alphabet of Thorn was so great, I read it in two days.

Then I read some science fiction – Asimov, Bradbury. The Andromeda Strain still sticks in my mind. Then I got into fanfic – Star Wars and Star Trek books. I think I read every Star Trek book I could get my hands on. There was this one book, Han Solo and the Lost Legacy that I must have read until the covers fell off. I wanted to be that girl so bad. Very happy to see that Amazon has the trilogy in one volume. I need it.

Yeah, I’m a geek.

I don’t know what this obsession is with getting books from my past. I just suddenly have an urge to have them all again. Like I really need more books. I don’t have enough bookshelf space for the books I do have.

Ah well. I did get one issue of Scars done today. Hoping to have another issue of Ransom & Fortune done today. I am slowly getting ahead again. Woohoo!

By Michelle

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