Big Writing Day

Movie Quote of the Day:
Randal: What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?
Mike: Ah…I get a time out?
Randal: Everyone goes to lunch! Which means, the scare floor will be…?
Mike: Painted?
Randal: Empty! Empty, you idiot!
–Monsters, Inc.

Yesterday was a great writing day for me. FIVE issues of the serials done. WOOHOO! Four on Scars since I was falling behind again. I was in the zone with my characters. Couldn’t stop. I think I wrote nonstop for just over an hour. They each weigh in at about 1000 words, so that was excellent. Very pleased with the progress and I’m getting closer to wrapping that one up.

I actually started thinking about wrapping up Ransom & Fortune, too. The end is not a Happily Ever After ending either and when the idea first came to me, I was shocked. And I almost feel betrayed. Like, how could this character do such a thing? Isn’t that weird?

I’ve been doing both serials now for a year. Part of me feels like it might be time to wrap up both and move on, and another part feels like it’s time to start a new serial altogether. I’ve been reading over some old fantasy stories that I’ve started and I really want to do a fantasy one, so I’m thinking I this might be the next project.

After yesterday’s writing, I feel completely zapped of all creativity energy. I have Issue 112 open for the romance and I’ve been staring at the blinking cursor for a while now. It’s a quiet day at the office so need to make sure of the time and get more writing done.

As for the new format of the blog…I like it, but I am still thinking of ways I can tinker with it and change it up. It will be a work in progress until I get it the way I want it. I’d really like it to have the same look and feel as the website. I should print off the WordPress Codex and read everything about building templates. I like the three columns, but I hate the way it looks on this bigger monitor (here at the office). It makes things look skewed and it annoys me.

Well.. back to writing.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.