A Day Trip and A Partial

Saturday, Man, Mom and I drove three hours east to visit and pick up my boy. It was a great time, really. Long drive, but a really good day. And good food too. We managed to kill an entire pan of brownies Mom made.

Poor Man was not happy about leaving at 8 am sharp, but we he slowly got into better spirits. Mostly because we stopped at Starbucks on the way. 😀 We didn’t make it home until nearly 9:30 that night. Very long day. But of course well worth it.

The kid was filthy, too, and I promptly sent him to the shower. He had a hard time getting back to the norm, though, and I think it was close to midnight before he fell asleep.

Sunday was all about shopping. Got the groceries and then went to the Farmers Market, too, for fresh berries. YUM. Then went to JCP because of the huge sale and I had a VIP pass. I got the kiddo some school clothes – 3 pairs of jeans, a shirt and shoes for around $75. I felt so proud of myself. And I can’t believe it’s time to starting thinking school stuff already. The summer is nearly over!

Then got home, cooked dinner, finished laundry. Cleaned house. Just the normal junk.

Then I took the plunge. Sent off the partial request to the agent last night. Here’s hoping. I hope it’s good enough. But if it’s not and I end up with a rejection, there is always Plan B. I’m okay with Plan B. 🙂

Anyway – not much else to report. Other than it’s hot again. However, we did get a nice downpour yesterday which was really nice.

Tonight, Man and I need to take a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond for some things. That’s a dangerous store for sure.

Off to work!

By Michelle

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