A Feature and a Review

I’m excited to share with you my featured page over at The Romance Studio. You can see my interview here. There is even a review along with the interview, which is just smashing. TRS gives ONE KNIGHT ONLY 5 Hearts. That just tickles me pink!

5 Hearts from The Romance Studio! “I hadn’t thought this book would be this good or SO romantic, but it IS! One Knight Only is a fantastic book!” –Teresa T. Read the entire review and see the feature here.

I’ve been writing! I’ve been working on Knight 2 these last few days. I’ve written a couple of thousand words and making slow progress. I’m really shooting for the end of the year to have the book drafted. I’m off work for 11 days between Christmas and New Year’s so I plan to write during that time.

It’s been butt-cold here all of a sudden. We got some arctic air from Canada (Oh, Canada) and the low this morning was 25. BRR. Quite a difference from the 110 degrees we had this summer. This weather has not been kind on those of us with sinus problems. I’ve been sick, the husband has been sick, and the kid has been sick. And we just don’t have time to be sick!

This weekend is going to be busy. Friday night, I have my company Christmas party and then Saturday, Man and I depart for a weekend getaway to celebrate our first anniversary early (yes, it’s been a year as of 12/15 – Hard to believe!). Then I have another Christmas party on Saturday and a wedding shower on Sunday. I still have presents to buy and wrap, cross-stitch projects to finish and mail, yummy stuff to bake… Lots to do. The really cool thing is, the restaurant in the building at my company offers a “Holiday To Go” menu with lots of cooked main dishes. I got us a prime rib for Christmas dinner. I can hardly wait. I also go an apple pie. And my good friend, Misty Evans, sent me her famous eggnog recipe with whiskey. Think I’ll be trying that. 🙂

By the way… Dexter has been a complete angle about the tree. He hasn’t bothered it even once. Good kitty!

By Michelle

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