A feeling of doom


I don’t know what was wrong with me yesterday, but I had this intense overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom. All day. It just felt like something bad was going to happen all damn day. So I just stayed at my desk and worked on a spreadsheet and locating graphics.

My new shoes arrived and I discovered two things. (1) The hot pink ones were a half size too big (even though they were my normal size) and (2) the flats I thought were black…were really brown.

Off with their heads!

So I sent them back. I ordered the hot pink ones in a 7 and am going to have to look for the flats in black. I’m wishing Zappos had the Enzo’s Liberty I really want in my size. I may have to find them elsewhere.

And since I was in a conference call with a salesman, I ended up dashing out the door and leaving behind my cork sandals. I hope they’re still there when I get back to the office tomorrow. Idiot I am.

Some other weird things happened that are inexplicable so I’m just going to chalk it all up to the fact that today is Halloween (Happy All Soul’s Day!) and call it done.

Picked up the baby boy last night and boy was he ever hyper! He also peed all over my brand new rug in the bathroom. I was so mad! It was because he got to playing and goofing around and he “wasn’t quick enough” he said. I was highly agitated I had to clean up pee off the floor and especially off my new rug!

Ah well. Such is life with a kiddo.

Email and Internet was acting quite strange last night. The mail server seemed to be up and down all evening. Mercury Retrograde? Possibly. And the bandwidth was AWFUL. Annoying.

Tonight we’re going Trick or Treating and I’m guessing that since I’m taking the kiddo out, I won’t be able to hand out candy. Which sucks. I love handing out candy. But I guess I can’t have it both ways, eh? I guess I’ll live. And if I’m stuck with all that candy, I’ll torture folks at the office with it.

And yes, I am totally obsessed with shoes. I was told at the office today that there needs to be an intervention and that I have a “problem” with shoes. Yes, I know this already. That’s certainly not news. But the nice thing is – I can get them and not feel guilty about spending money on them because (a) I pay the bills and (b) I report to no one but myself.

Boyfriend called me Carrie the other day. I was so flattered. 😉

I guess that’s it for me. I need to get to work. Have a safe and happy Halloween, all!

Oh, and… I got a raise. 🙂

By Michelle

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