A few words

Despite the super busy weekend, I did manage to get about 1000 words in. You’ll not the counter changed and moved from Friday. It’s still very slow going, but at least I’m writing almost every day. Goal: write every day and get in at least 2000 words. I’m still trying to make that goal.

Friday was a nice restful evening. I stayed home and did NOTHING. I knew Saturday and Sunday would be insane. And I was right.

Woke up Saturday with congestion and a major headache. I think the allergy meds are finally starting to kick in. Got up pretty early and started laundry and killed three red wasps (my house seems to be invaded!). Then it was off to soccer where the boys won easily against the girls. Then Sweetie Boy came home with me and we had lunch and ran a few errands. We hung around the house until it was time for his birthday party.

Took him to the party and he said he didn’t want me to stay which was great. I ran more errands and then went home and sat down and relaxed until time to get him. Got there to pick him up and the party was running long. Didn’t get home until after seven and I was beat. Then it was tub time and then bedtime for the boy. I passed out on the couch and got up around midnight and stumbled to bed.

Woke up at 6-freaking-30 Sunday morning coughing my head off. This congestion is really awful first thing in the morning. It’s starting to break up and makes me miserable. I’m still coughing my head off this morning.

I cooked a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast and then it was off to church. Got home and had a quick lunch and then it was off to the final soccer game of the season. They played a really hard team and lost but the boys played hard, fair and had fun. Then it was back home for a bit and THEN back to the field for the year-end party. The boys played hard on the playground and then they got their trophies and a sack of goodies. Got home about 5:30.

Cooked dinner. Watched Amazing Race and then I turned everything off and climbed in bed at 8:00. The baby boy called me shortly after and I could tell he was worn out.

I dusted off the laptop, sat in bed and wrote for an hour. I finished a chapter so it was good progress. I was out by 9:30.

Even though I still feel tired, I do feel better than I did on Friday. I still have some congestion and of course this nasty cough but other than that, I’m good. At least it hasn’t gone into a sinus infection. Then I’d be really ticked.

This is going to be another busy week. We have our potluck Thanksgiving luncheon at the office on Friday. I’ve decided not to make a cheesecake and make pumpkin bars instead. I’m sure they’ll be terribly disappointed. But since there’s going to be a bunch of different pies there, I decided something easy and something simple would be best.

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.