A funny thing happened…

I’m a few days late but I want to wish my good friend, Lara, a happy birthday! It was Sunday – hope you had a fantasy day!

In between my errands and the airport on Friday, I managed to get some shopping in. I ended up having to take back some of the clothes, so I stopped in on my way home yesterday from work.

The ladies at the store were so fun! One was in training and apologized but I wasn’t in any hurry and was feeling rather laid back. She said she liked my Kathy Van Zeeland bag, which of course you know made my day. She got my return finished, I swiped my card and she looked at my name. She said it sounded like a “famous” name – like a movie star name. Which I’m sure you know tickled me. I told her I was actually a writer. But that was as far as I got. There were others waiting to check out and I didn’t want to regale her with tales of publishing. 😉

She said I needed to come back and look her up and that she would remember me. Well, I shop there all the time and I also go to the salon, so yeah… that’s likely. haha

Last night was about tying up all the loose ends from the contest. Got all the winners back their entries. Got the gift cards for the final judges packaged up and ready to go. Now I just need to get the labels made for the first round judges made up and get their stuff out the door. It never ends.

I’m also taking another workshop next month on query letters and synopsis. I need it! Because, quite frankly, I suck at both of them. The cool thing about this workshop is everyone gets a critique of their query letter.

I really needed to get to the grocery store last night but I just didn’t feel like it. By the time I got home and got busy, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I have to go tonight – Man’s birthday is tomorrow and I need to get a few things. Plus, the freeze is barren, as well as the fridge, the pantry and the cabinets. It’s bad.

Time for work now. Have a happy Tuesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.