A Good Long Turkey Weekend

I’m sad it’s M0nday and it’s back to work. Especially because the weekend was nice and long and awesome. We had a good time at my mom’s on Thursday for Thanksgiving and then Friday we kinda hung around the house. It turned really cold this weekend, so we stuck close to home. We did go out on Friday – but AFTER the Black Friday insanity. Mostly we just wanted to get out of the house.

Saturday, we bought our Christmas tree and started getting the house all decorated. I really like having a real tree. It smells so good! We drank a lot of hot chocolate, hot tea and coffee to stay warm since the weather turned foul. We had a little rain and a lot of cold, blustery wind.

This year, we decided to start collecting the mini village houses. Man bought the starter kit that came with four buildings – a cottage, a church, a grocer, and fire station. They’re the old fashioned houses and they came with accessories for the town. I was glad he bought it before Thanksgiving because the store was completely out afterwards. The house is very cheerful now with all the decorations. All that’s left is to decorate the outside of the house but it was too cold to do that this weekend.

I had to put the flannel sheets on the bed, too, and the heated blanket. The nights are in the 30s now. What a difference from this summer when it was in the 100s for days on end. I’m not complaining. 😉

Dexter has finally decided to sleep in his bed…but only after putting it under a chair. I guess it makes him feel safe and secure under there. He tried to use my living room curtains for his claws. Luckily, I caught him in time before he shredded them…and then I promptly clipped his claws.

I also played a lot of Cityville Holidaytown and Hometown on the iPhone. 😀 I’m really addicted to those games. Man actually rolled his eyes and asked if I was playing “those games” again. Hey, I had a city to build, elves to employ and stuff. 😆

So now it’s back to reality and we have less than one month to go before Christmas. Ack.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.