A Knight to Remember #TuesdayTeaser Excerpt 2

3 A Knight to RememberAs release day approaches for the re-release of the first three books in the Realm of Honor series, I’m excited to bring you today’s teaser from the third book, A Knight to Remember. This book follows the romance between Queen Maeve and Henry, Maggie’s father.

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The Goddess of War is out for Queen Maeve’s blood to satisfy a thousand-year-old vendetta. And the only one that can save her is a human masquerading as a Fae knight.

Henry Chase is desperate to find his daughter lost in the Highlands. When he steps through a stone circle, he’s transported to the Otherworld. With his human form hidden by glamour, he masquerades as a Fae knight. He’s instantly besotted by Queen Maeve and determined to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart.

In the aftermath of war, Queen Maeve’s kingdom has been destroyed. She must close the portals to the human realm and restore her lost magic. But before she can set things straight, her archenemy, the Goddess of War, attacks, seeking revenge.

When the goddess captures the queen, Henry offers his life for Maeve’s in the hope his bravery will earn the queen’s love. Discovering Henry is human and knowing she must send him back to his world, Maeve tries to fight her feelings for him. Now she must choose—life at court or life with Henry—before she loses him forever.


“Do me the honor of a dance?”

“I don’t think that’s—”

“I will.” Maeve cut Derron off as she rose.

Henry’s heart leapt as he watched her round the table. Her grace and poise was impeccable. She was every bit the dignified queen she appeared to be. She took his hand, his fingers closing around hers. Her warmth penetrated him to his soul. God, she feels good! His heart hammered a happy cadence as he led her to the dance floor. The tune had been lively, upbeat. Now it was something slower. Softer. He cheered at the thought of holding her close and feeling her body press against him.

As he took her in his arms, he realized he had no clue what the dances were of the time or the realm. How did the Fae dance here? He did a quick cursory glance around the room. The others had practically deserted the floor to give way for the queen. A few brave couples remained dancing side by side, their fingertips barely touching.

Henry would not do that. He wanted her in his arms, next to him. He wanted to smell her beautiful, heady scent. What was it? Jasmine? Whatever it was, it was exotic. And she was ethereal. He was acutely aware of the gawks and stares from those around the room.

Had it been a bold move to ask her to dance? Because he was a lowly Fae knight did that mean he was not allowed to speak with his queen? Knowing she really wasn’t his queen made it okay in his mind. He slipped his arm around her waist, pulled her close, while holding her other hand shoulder height.

“What are you doing?” She flinched and for a moment he thought she might pull away.

He tightened his grip, keeping her firmly in place. “Where I come from this is how we dance. I’ll show you. All you have to do is follow my lead.”

“Where exactly do you come from?” An eyebrow quirked in question.

Ah, yet another question he couldn’t answer. “Across the realm.” Did that sound plausible?

“Hm,” was her response.

He led her through the steps, keeping her as close to him as possible. Then turned with her still in his arms.

“You learned to dance like this there?” she asked.

“I did.”

Actually, he learned before his wedding. Maggie’s mother had made him take lessons so they could dance together and not look like fools. Her words, not his. He had reluctantly agreed. He wasn’t for the ballroom dancing but now he was glad he had learned. Now he was with this lovely woman whose curves seemed made for him.

“I have never seen such a dance,” she said.

“Mayhap, your majesty, you should relax and enjoy it instead of questioning it every few seconds.”

She blinked surprise. Had no one talked to her like that before?

“I would remove the head of most who spoke to me like that.”

“Like what?”

“In that insolent tone.”

“Apologies, your majesty. I hope I can keep my head. For my lips are attached and they’ve yet to have a taste of you.”

“You are bold, aren’t you?” She tilted her head back, gave him a look down her nose that he suspected she’d perfected eons ago.

“Too bold for her majesty?”

“That remains to be seen,” she said. And her mouth quirked into almost a grin.

Henry’s heart thumped and for the first time he could acknowledge the attraction he had for her. His nerve endings tingled and even his buddy in his pants was in agreement.

“Too bold to kiss you here?” He knew he pushed it but he didn’t care. He wanted to see what she’d say.

Her face hardened. “Definitely too bold.”

He slanted his head, as though ready to kiss her. She licked her lips, as though ready to let him. His mouth was close to hers. Oh, so close. He could feel her warm breath tickling his face.

“Tempting me, your majesty?”

“Telling you not to kiss me here in front of my court is tempting you?”

“It is. Because you are a beautiful woman and I find I cannot resist your charms.”

“Ha. Do you tell me this so you can have your way with me?” she asked.

He grinned and pulled her closer. He delighted in the way she molded to him in his arms. “Would you allow me to have my way with you?”

Her response was stony silence. Her face turned impassive as though she suppressed her emotional response. But Henry could see the jump of her pulse in her long, slender throat. He could also feel her heart beat quicker as she pressed against him.

“Would you like me to tell you what I’d do should I have my way with you?” He dropped his voice to a near whisper.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Her attempt to sound offended fell far from the mark. He could see the pale flush creeping along her milky-white skin. He also heard the imperceptible hitch of breath in her throat.

“Wouldn’t I?”

“I should have you drawn and quartered.”

“I should have your lips upon mine while I thoroughly kiss you.” Henry was not to be dissuaded.

“I should have you tied up and roasted alive.” Her eyes narrowed.

“I should have your soft curves under me in my bed.”

His last statement shocked her to silence. She merely gaped at him, her blue eyes wide. When she didn’t reply, he decided to push it further.

“I should like to have you cradled against me while I whisper love words in your ear where only the stars witness—”

“Insolent man!” Despite her outburst, she didn’t try to pull free. If Henry wasn’t mistaken, she wiggled closer.

“Tell me, your majesty, do you not enjoy my advances? If you tell me no, I won’t believe you. Your emotional reaction to me is all the evidence I need.”

“And what emotional reaction, pray tell, is that?”

“The flutter of your pulse in that gorgeous throat of yours for starters. The widening of your beautiful, perfect eyes in a shade of blue that rivals that of the ocean. The coloring of your high cheekbones in the softest shade of pink I’ve ever seen. Shall I continue?”

“No, Sir Henry, you—”

“It was worth a shot.” He winked. “You can’t blame me for trying.”

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