A Make-Over

newdeskA couple of weeks ago, I bought a new desk on sale. I was pretty excited about that because I’d been using a broken one for about, oh, seven years. Granted, I was the one that broke it. It was one of those crappy put-together-yourself desks that are flimsy at best. When I decided to pain the room, I’d dragged it out. I didn’t have help at the time because I lived alone and the boy wasn’t old enough to help me yet. Naturally when I dragged it out of the room, it busted. Since I was pretty poor at the time, I knew I had to find a way to cobble it together. It was totally hinky, too, the way I managed to piece it back together. I never moved it again for fear it would completely fall apart.

Anyway, so I’d been eyeing this desk for a while. I LOVED the idea of a corner desk. I thought it would take up less room (NOT) and that I would have more space (YES). I also bought a four-drawer filing cabinet.

Since I bought a new desk, I figured it was a good time to paint the room. I’d been looking through a Better Homes & Gardens magazine and saw this paint color that I fell in love with. I ripped out the page and told my husband that was the color I wanted. He went on a quest for me and found it. It’s beautiful! A sort of bluish-green with more green than blue. The name of the color is “park place” and he got it at Lowe’s from the Allen + Roth collection, in case you’re interested. 😉

I deemed this weekend as renovation weekend. I started cleaning up the room and moving things out of it during the week. There were shelves that went around the perimeter of the room. I removed them and packed up everything that was on them. I unloaded the bookcase and hubby moved it temporarily to the living room. I had so much JUNK in the office, it blew me away. The bookcase had been stuffed to the gills with a lot of crap.

The room was bursting at the seams with stuff. A lot of stuff. There were things piled up on the floor. The desk was a disaster. It was driving me crazy.

Anyway, he was nice enough to build the desk, the hutch and the filing cabinet for me while I painted. I haven’t painted in a while and I forgot how much hard work that is. I’m sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore.

By the time I finished the walls, he’d finished the desk. We moved it inside the room and TADA! Of course, it took me another day to sort through the crap that was my office supplies. I found 15 pocket folders, 10 spirals and 8 packages of note cards. I found 7 packages of photo paper (I never print photos), a package of cardstock with a dead bug stuck to it (ew), miscellaneous other special paper, my son’s second grade report card (he’s in 8th now), about 100 photographs my mother gave me, ticket stubs to a concert from 2007 the man and I went to, and various other sundries. *insert straight face here*

The room is much more orderly now. I have space for everything I need. There is no longer junk piled on the floor that I have to step over to get into the room. I threw away a lot of crapola I didn’t need anymore.  But I still have the ticket stubs from 2007.

By Michelle

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