A new WIP

Quote of the Day:
The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.
–William Shakespeare

(Why is Carefree over there so squishy? Oh well…)

Yesterday was a grand day. I wrote 3500 words of the new WIP. Very excited about that. I thought about it all the way home from work – especially since I found myself stuck in traffic much to my dismay (there were three wrecks and I only have a 20 minute drive, go figure). I thought about it all night. Snippets of dialogue and actions kept running through my head, making me snicker to myself. Even though I was completely dog tired, I still managed to boot up the laptop and add a little more to the WIP.

Today I am doing some research on medieval money and medieval medicine (which is just that – medieval!). I found lots of great info on jousting and tournaments (tourneys). I even found an article that is a step-by-step direction on How To Joust. Who knew! Very excited about that, because it will add the flavor and the feel of jousting. I want the reader to experience it right along with my heroine. Printed it all out. I’m going to put it in a folder for this new novel and keep it together. Right now I’m carrying it all back and forth in my bag.

I really like the idea of having a pen name. I don’t know if I’m any good at this romantic comedy I’m trying to write – for all I know it stinks. But I’m thinking I can use the pen name for historicals, since what I’m writing now is a historical (and a romantic comedy…is there such a thing? Historical Romantic Comedies? Maybe there should be…). I’ll probably use the pen name on it. And then I could use my real name for writing the fantasy romances I love so much. That will give me distinction – Michelle Miles writes fantasy romance, but Fiona Judd writes historical and/or romantic comedies. How does that sounds? Don’t mind me, I’m just writing out loud here.

Work is slow, though I’m certainly not complaining one bit. Especially since I was able to get some research and writing done yesterday. And why is it so darn cold in here? When I get into the office every morning, after checking my email and favorite message boards, I get all my necessary work done. Did a page layout and cover for a submittal going out on Friday. Just waiting on approval before I can go forward. Now I can research and/or write. Isn’t that terrible?

I remember when I went to the Dreamin’ in Dallas conference this past April and Sherrilyn Kenyon was the keynote. She said during her day job, she made sure her monitor was turned away where only she could see it and she wrote during the day. That’s how she got her first book written. Of course, now her day job IS writing (which is so totally where I want to be).

That’s how I got my first book written, too, several years ago when I worked in Dallas. My writing all but stopped when I was in construction and I found it was making me a very unhappy person. I didn’t want to lose the possibility of having a writing career, because this is truly what I want to do with my life. So I made the commitment and switched jobs.

But I digress…

Anyhoo, I’m toying with the idea of going ahead and setting up hosting for my new domain. I mean, it’s only $6 a month, so why the heck not? Last night, after putting DS to bed, I sat and fiddled with making some graphics. I would so love to get my hands on a copy of Dreamweaver. Wishing I could buy it. That program is so awesome. I’m very tempted to buy the new version of PaintShop Pro too (it’s only $99!) and wondering how I can write that off as a writer’s expense on my taxes next year. Promotion for my writing? Sure, why not!

I’ve been looking at my website and thinking it needs an overhaul. I like the Celtic design and I will keep that as much as possible, but I just really want to do something different. I’ve had the site for sure over a year and I guess I’ve got that redesign urge.

I suppose I need to crank out an issue each of the serials today, even though my fingers are itching to write on the new WIP.

Welp, best get to work.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.