A night of TV

My new fabulous shoes cut and mangled my feet. Ah, the price of beauty. Even so, I got a great compliment. A lady said they were the cutest she’s ever seen. *beam* The ankle strap dug into my Achilles tendon the entire day. But it was so worth it. I love these shoes. Here’s a pic:

BCBGirls Girls

I’m getting picture happy, aren’t I?

Anyway… I was crabby when I got home. I just wanted to fall into the couch and not move. I didn’t have the energy to cook so I made a frozen pizza. Digorno has this thin crust pizza that’s fairly decent. Not a great meal, but adequate. I still wanted ice cream or something just to substantiate the meal. I refrained.

What is up with all the recap shows ABC is doing? They did it with Desperate Housewives and now Lost. Just show me a NEW episode and get on with the season. Can’t wait to see Lost next week, though. It looks awesome. Over on American Idol, Constantine was voted off. BU-BYE. That’s what he gets for trashing a Nickelback hit. LOL Am I the only one that thinks Alias has gotten boring?

I almost could care less.

The neighborhood sure is noisy tonight. Cars blasting down the street, Harley’s rumbling by, wind blowing. But, oddly, the trains are silent. Usually, I hear the train whistle about now.

Damn, I’m tired and I gotta go polish up those issues of the serials before I can allow myself sleep. Also, still reading Fantasy Lover. Nearly done. Great book. Highly recommend.

RE: the sunglasses. They rock. But I really wanted a pair like what Reese Witherspoon wears in Sweet Home Alabama. Anyone know what those are? The Versace were the closest I could find.

I guess I don’t have much to say tonight. I guess I’ll go write until I pass out.

By Michelle

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