A Peek Inside Mik’s Closet

Quote of the Day:
Stiletto, I look at it more as an attitude as opposed to a high-heel shoe.
–Lita Ford

I thought I’d do something fun and different today. Since I’m such an avid shoe freak, I am (a) posting pictures of my new shoes and (b) giving you a peek inside my closet.

You might want to run away now if you think you might be scared of this little exercise. :hehe:

First of all, here are the two new pairs of shoes I bought myself with my gift cards for my birthday:

Sally-T by Guess


Maadanna by Anne Klein
Anne Klein

Cute, huh? LOVE them. Especially the Guess. They are just beautiful.

When I was married, my husband would shake his head at my shoe-freakness. “But I needed them,” I’d say and he would just shrug and go on about his business. Now I can buy shoes to my heart’s content sans the guilt. It’s a beautiful thing.

Most of the men I’ve known only have three pairs of shoes – sneakers, a black pair of dress shoes and a brown pair of dress shoes. There are exceptions to this rule, of course.

Just like there are exceptions to the rule that All Women Love Shoes. My best-good-friend and Sysenlaw, as a matter of fact, is not a shoe freak. Her daughter – who is 10 – however, is a shoe freak. A gene, I’m sure, she inherited from me. Sysenlaw says she can’t bear to pay a lot for a pair of shoes she’s going to “put my fat foot in” (which totally cracks me up but I swear that’s exactly how she says it).

I, on the other hand, will not blink an eyelash when I pay $100 or more for a pair. But I gotta tell ya, it annoys me that toilet paper costs $5 for the six giant rolls of Charmin Ultra (with Aloe). Why is toilet paper so much?

Anyway, here’s an idea of what my closet looks like.

These are all boots
Shoes I don’t wear regularly
All the favs go here

Are you scared yet? You’ll note that I have all the good pairs still in their original box.

But…what is that? I’ve cluttered up the floor of the closet because I need certain pairs for easy access. The standard black flat pair I wear when I can’t even bear the thought of a pair of heels. Sandals. Sneakers. Fuzzy slippers. Oh and disregard that basket lying in the middle of the floor. WTF is that? To the left is my saxophone I played in high school (doubt I can stil play it). And the yoga mat…hey I’ve used it once. And then there’s the various junk I have no place else to store. Thank goodness most of that is behind my clothes. 😀

Think I have an obsession? Or at the very least a problem. I might need Shoe-Shoppers Anonymous. Oh and I’m not sure I have enough clothes, either. Might need more.

Okay that’s it for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed this entry. I’m off to work! (So I can earn more money and buy more shoes, of course!)

By Michelle

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