A Productive Weekend

I blinked and it’s Monday.

Friday night, the Man and I went to Babe’s Chicken for dinner. LOVE that place. But it doesn’t love me, apparently. A couple hours after eating, the greasy fried chicken was talking back. I felt horrible it but it was only indigestion.

We woke up late Saturday morning. The weather was beautiful – in the lower 70s! It’s Mother Nature teasing us. It’s supposed to be super cold this week and in fact the wind has already shifted out of the north. We’re going to get a winter mix tomorrow and then the temps are going to plummet. In the 20s. For the high.


Anyway, we got out for some sun and to enjoy the fine weather. We ran around town and then I had a hair appointment at 3 which lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours. While I did that, Man shopped and walked the mall. We were beat by the time we got home. I started stitching on my Moonlit Cabin. That’s it on the left there. I’ve finished nearly the entire cabin and now I’m working on the trees and the sky. The final size will be 5 x 7 by the time I’m done and the stitches are SMALL. And the black thread on the midnight blue cloth? Yeah… not easy.

But I’m enjoying it. There is still a lot of detail I have to do on the cabin itself. Shouldn’t take me too long once I get all the actual stiches done. 🙂

Sunday was about more errands. Grocery store and another trip back to the mall to make an exchange for a purchase on Saturday. Then it was to Bed Bath & Beyond (got some cool storage containers!), Lowe’s (bird seed for the birdies), farmers market for fresh produce. I cooked salmon patties and roasted asparagus for dinner and it was really tasty. Did some laundry.

And then I sat down to write. My new daily goal is to write an hour a day. Since I didn’t on Saturday, I knew I would have to make up that hour. So I did. And write 2600 words. YAY! I’m loving the story and having a blast writing it. I finished the card game scene and decided to simplify it. I patterned it after a late 14th century game that was WAY too complex to write out in a scene and it worked great.

So good progress. And I may have some more good news in the next few days. At least, I hope. We’ll see.

Happy Monday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.