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Progress Update: 1962 for the day

Since I didn’t really post an entry yesterday, here’s one to make up for it.

This weekned went by FAST. I took Friday off work and hung out with the kiddo. We went to the museum and it was jam-packed with people. I’m not much for crowds, so we didn’t stay long. I think he was a little disappointed, but McDonald’s made up for it.

Saturday was cold and rainy. We even got a dusting of snow later in the day. This has been the strangest weather, I tell ya. Today it was nearly 70 degrees. Anyway – very cold and windy and just gross all weekend. The kid was so bored, I finally packed him in the car and took him to Best Buy and made him pick out a new Wii game. I made chili for dinner. We were slugs on the couch and watched “Two Weeks Notice” and then “Housesitter”. And can I just say we love Netflix? It’s so awesome. Man and I stayed up until nearly 1 am watching movies. Then we got up early on Sunday and went to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND. We all enjoyed it.

I actually planted herbs this weekend, too. I’m going to attempt to grow cilantro, basil, chives and parsley. Oh, and cat grass for the CAT CAT who is a bad kitty since he keeps getting into my bamboo! He knocked it over and spilled all the water out of it. Hopefully the grass will grow and he’ll not be tempted by my other green plants. Little stinker.

Got more words in at lunch yesterday. Figured out the black moment so I’m good to go there and the book is nearly done. I finally found out I really DO have an editor assigned to me at Samhain so – WOOT! I have an April 1 deadline and then I’ll polish up my submission and get it to her. I’m glad to know I’m not editor-less anymore. All this time I’ve been wasting… I could kick myself.

And that’s it, boys and girls. Have a SUPER awesome Tuesday.

By Michelle

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