A round of applause, please…

..for the new sofa:

Man. It rocks. So much better than the other Ikea crap that fell apart (THREE springs sprung) after 2.5 years. We loves it. Yes, the can has been banned. He’s distraught. But I bought him wet kitty food, so that made it all better.

It’s big enough for us to stretch out on it and the best part is – it’s a sleeper! On the off chance someone, like, say MOM wants to spend the night. Now I gotta get the Ikea Crap Sofa out of the house. Currently, it’s standing on end in the living room. Can you say large hate?

I was going to shove it out to the curb but it rained all weekend. Looks like I’ll be calling Salvation Army instead.

In other news, we tried a new restaurant this weekend. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop opened up here in town and it’s DELISH. There had been a line out the door opening week and we finally made it. It was a rather painless process. I had the enchiladas. Man had the tacos. Kid has the kid taco plate. A good time was had by all.

Sunday was about grocery shopping and what a total beat down that was. We were ready to start ramming people with the cart by the time it was over. I’ve never seen so many rude, pushy, annoying people in one place. My “Where in the Effingham are we?” shirt (Man brought it back for me when he was on vacation) was appropriate. However, I must say our checker was quite pleasant and delightful. Always a nice thing.

The kid announced he wants to play basketball which made me go :shock:. Guess I’ll be looking into that one.

Stars lost. Cowboys stunk up the field. But I made awesome chili and cornbread for dinner last night. We were all miserable from stuffing ourselves.

And now it’s Monday again … sigh. Hope everyone has a good start of the week. It’s supposed to rain here.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.