A scary experience

Hey, all! Today I’m guesting over at the lastest blog to hit the blog-o-sphere, 4 Writers, For Readers. I’m talking all about coffee today in an effort to help promote my latest novella, The Coffee Wars. Stop by if you can!

The other day, whilst driving downtown headed into work, I decided to take a side street instead of staying on the freeway. I figured it would be safer and less hassle since everyone and their mother is back to work and on the road these days. So I’m driving along, in the far left lane of a four lane, one way road. As I’m heading to Houston Street to turn left, I sense that something stupid is about to happen. I see this woman in her giant SUV get into the lane next to me. It’s a double turn so I figure she’s going to take the outside turn lane.

But, no. She continues into my lane and nearly crashes into me. I managed to slam on the brakes and honk and wave with my middle finger. Somehow, I don’t know how, she doesn’t hit me. She finally turns her head to see I’m there and swerves back into the other lane. We make the turn. She actually waves an apology. I flip her off again. So she’s behind me now and then swings into the far left lane again and turns left back onto the other street. What this tells me is two things: (a) she’s lost and (b) she has no clue about how to drive in downtown. I was shaking so hard after the little incident.

And then I had a stupid day at work. I managed to lock myself out of both of my email accounts which prompted a phone call to my ISP to get it unlocked.

At least things got better after that. 😀

I’m back into the swing of things at work and at home. I’ve been steadily working on the story every day this week, trying to get as many pages edited and read as I can so I can start writing raw material again. There still isn’t enough time in the day, though. I need more hours. There is so much I want to get done: writing, editing, cross-stitching. For now, I’ll just endeavor to get the writing done. 🙂

By Michelle

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