A Shout Out

Quote du Jour:
“Cake! Everybody loves cake!”
–Donkey, Shrek

I’d like to take this moment to recognize a few folks. If you get a chance, please check out the links provided. Maybe buy a book or two. ‘K?

Devon’s new ebook, Elusive Prayers, is out. Be sure to check this out! You can find it here.

Also, Devon is doing a nifty new thing called Ink In My Coffee Blog Calling Card. Go here to get all the details. I’m doing this, too.

BK Birch’s newest story, Strange Fruit Part II, is up on Wild Child Publishing. She won Editor’s Choice last month for Part I. Check it out here.

Colin is working on marketing plans for his serial, Hunting Jack, of which can be purchased here.

Lara posted pictures of her jogging trail. It’s gorgeous! Check it out here.

Sandy J, Devon, and Anteann took me up on the 10 Things challenge. Check their blogs for their favorite 10 Things. Let me know if you do a 10 Things and we’ll all be doing 10 Things together. :wave:

Don’t forget about CeCe’s new book, which is out right now with Liquid Silver Books. You can purchase it here.

Carter’s short story is up. Although he didn’t win, his story is still posted and I suggest you check it out. He’s a fine writer.

Angela is on the agent hunt. Good luck, Angela! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Did I miss anyone?? If so, my apologies.

My son did really well his first week of school. I’m proud of him. When I went to pick him up, he announced that he played and played a lot with his friends. Aw. So cute. Glad I got the backpack, too. He’s going to have a folder every day to bring home.

Also got mixed up on my weeks and got ahead of myself. I was thinking NEXT Tuesday was his birthday, but I’m a week early. :plain: Oh well. Better to be prepared I suppose.

MIL told me that a little girl kissed DS on the cheek. 😯 It’s already starting. Egads. I asked DS if a little did girl in fact do that and he gave me the most disgusted look on his face with a muttered “yeah”. :hehe: He also told me they sang in class today.

He was in a great mood when I picked him up, so we headed over to Target. I had to get a baby shower gift for Saturday. Spent way too much money, but you know I bought stuff for my kid too. How could I not? I told him if he was really good in the store he could have a new die cast Thomas Train character. He picked Bill & Ben. He wanted a mini-box of Goldfish, so I got that too. Then they had Thomas Train underpants, so bought some of that too. Got several items for the baby shower (I love buying baby stuff – got some booties and MAN they are so cute). Went through the checkout really fast and as I’m walking out I realize I forget to buy wrapping paper. DUH. So I will have to make another trip to a store for wrapping paper. URGH. Oh well.

Got about 4000 words done on the new contemporary. Having fun with this one. Am posting a short excerpt.

And, in case you thought I forgot… here are 10 More Things I Love

In no particular order:

Candlelight. I like scented candles and find Home Interiors are the best you can get.
Fresh flowers. And not just roses. I’d probably get them more often if I didn’t kill ‘em.
Baked goods. All of them.
Chocolate. WOO!
Scenic photos. You know – of places you’ve never been and can only imagine.
Learning something new. Expanding the brain.
Hugs. Especially unexpected ones.
A good romance novel. With unforgettable characters.
Old movies. Casablanca, Random Harvest, Gone With The Wind, The Quite Man, to name a few.
Men’s Cologne. MmMm.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.