A Smashing Weekend

I think I say this every week – but I can’t believe it’s Monday already. The weekends go by way too fast. Heck, the weeks go by way too fast. I’m shocked this is the last week of April. I know, I know. I say that every month too. Life is flying by. It needs to slow down. Just a little. Especially on Saturday and Sunday. 😀

I couldn’t face cooking on Friday after a long week so we ended up at Taco Bell. I get the Bad Mom Award of the week because not only did we have Taco Bell on Friday, but we had Burger King on Thursday and pizza on Saturday. But on Saturday, we spent the entire day at Scarborough Renaissance Festival down in Waxahachie. It was the first time I’d taken the kiddo and he had a total blast. We all did. We got there just after 11 in the morning. The first place we stopped was the hat shop. I think we spent about 30 minutes trying on all types of hats. All of us. And then we made the rounds through the rest of the shops and looked at everything there was to see. Kiddo tried a few of the carnival type games. One of them was the maze where you have to find several drawings inside the maze and then ring the bell. We spent way too much time in there but he loved it and we found the three designated items. We just couldn’t find the durn bell.

Afterward, we stuffed ourselves with bratwurst and Reubens and then saw the parade. It was Highland Fling weekend – totally missed out on the caber toss darnit – but we saw lots of men in kilts. *meow* There was a giant dude dressed like a tree, too, which the kid wanted nothing to do with. However, he was interested in the troll bridge, so we strolled down the troll bridge to see what we could see. We watched a few shows including the human chess match, which we all loved. The side we cheered for won. This picture the husband took of me in the giant chair tree. I had no idea the kid was behind me when he snapped it, so when I saw it on the camera later, it cracked me up. My kid…he’s a nut. All I can say about this chair is that it was REALLY hot to sit in because it’d been in the afternoon sun almost all day.

Then we walked and walked and walked some more. We bought some new wind chimes for the front garden, the kiddo got a wooden sword, and I got a pewter fairy. I wish I’d had a pedometer. I’m sure I walked at least ten thousand steps that day. We finally headed back home late that afternoon. It was a trek to the car, too, and we were foot sore. But we made it! We called in pizza for dinner that night and then I crashed on the couch about nine that night.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. Laundry and lawn work was the order of the day along with a whole bunch of other chores. I love my weekends, especially busy ones, but I’m totally wiped out by the end of them. We definitely play hard. 🙂

And so…it’s Monday again. Can I just say I’m looking forward to next weekend? 😆

By Michelle

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