A Snake In My Bed

So. Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was half-price Wednesday. And … there were about five billion people there. We got there early. Fought traffic to get in the gate and actually got a decent parking space. We converged on the zoo with all the other gazillion people and hit the primates first.

I guess it really wasn’t that bad but you know…you totally get tired of dodging folks. the lions and tigers are my favorite. Specifically, the white tiger is my favorite. It’s so funny to me that no matter the size, cats all still do the same dumb stuff. One big tiger was dipping his paws in the water and then shaking them off. Then he decided to just go ahead and lay down.

We had lunch at the zoo cafe. All eight of us. We were a horde. And, shockingly, none of us managed to spill anything.

Afterwards, we headed through the rest of the zoo and made our way to the end. We were exhausted by the time we got to the end where the little zoo train is. We waited in line for about 30 minutes to get on the train and then we were like sardines. BUT it was fun. And the kids had a good time.

Once we got off the train, which takes us back to the front entrance, we all said our goodbyes and departed ways. I decided to get the Sweetie Boy a sourvenier (to which he wanted to know what a souvenier was…haha). I boughtt him a six foot long stuffed rattle snake – complete with rattle in the tail. He thought that was the coolest thing EVER. He named him Snake and he had to sleep with it.

Now, since my mom is staying over, she’s sleeping in his bed. Which means he’s sleeping in my bed. Which also means I had a snake in my bed. A six foot long purple stuffed rattle snake right down the center of the bed. But I couldn’t tell him no since he was so excited about having that snake.

Today is bowling day. We’re going to hit the bowling alley early, then have lunch at the house. Then we’re going to run some errands and come home and collapse.

And tomorrow…is Six Flags day. WOOHOO!

By Michelle

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