A Stitch In Time

73 days to go til Bahama Time!

Monday night, Man and I worked on the bathroom some more. We finished the painting (eck) and then we put back the cabinet that goes over the toilet. He hung the medicine cabinet/mirror and we were finally able to get all the junk out of the bedroom. However, the light still need to be replaced and the mirror is a tad low, so he’s going to move that up. All in all, it looks good. I’m still iffy on the paint color. Pink! Blech. Oh well.

Man was sweet, though. Last night he took me shopping to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought me new stuff for the bathroom – new soap dispenser, new toothbrush holder and new cup for my make-up brushes. They’re super girly, too. You can see them all here. It was his attempt to make me feel better about the pink walls, I think. I gotta say they are super cute and go really well with the new bathroom. As soon as we get the light installed, I’ll post before and after pictures.

Last night, I took it easy. I still have sore leg and back muscles from all the manual labor. Instead, we watched the Rangers play. Man worked and I’ve decided to pick up cross-stitching again. I used to do it before my son was born. When he was two, I stopped because he had grabby little fingers and wanted all the little tiny beads and threads and needles. Not good for a toddler. Now that he could care less what I’m doing (grin), I’ve decided to start stitching again. I forgot how much I missed it! The current pattern I’m making will be for the bathroom and it’s from Calico Crossroads by Kats by Kelly. It’s this mischievious black cat that is totally cute and the pattern is called “In-Sync”. You can see that pattern by clicking here. I’ve finished the kitty and the sink. Tonight I’ll most likely stitch for an hour before working on edits.

The thing I love about stitching is it forces me to sit still while doing something productive. Plus, I think about nothing else but stitching. It’s relaxing. One year, I started projects in January and stitched something for all the ladies in my family. I made this Rooster Baby for my sister (precious!) and a barn scene for my other sister. I also made two black kitties for my sis-in-law. Man has requested something by Thomas Kincaid. I guess I know what my next project is. 😀

I’m just full of links today, aren’t I? 🙂

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. We have tickets to the Friday night Rangers game and we’re SOOOO excited. I can’t wait. We need some fun after nearly killing ourselves this past weekend.

By Michelle

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