A warrior never quits

Over the past two days, I’ve written nearly 5000 words. And – finally – I feel like I’m hitting my stride with the story. I may yet meet my self-imposed May 1 deadline. Had soccer practice last night with the kiddo. I sat in the car with the Mini and wrote about 800 words.

Wednesday night was a challenge – the kiddo was very cranky and crying about everything at the drop of a hat. I knew an early bedtime was in order. And he cried about that. *sigh* But he went to sleep shortly thereafter, slept so hard he barely disturbed his covers, and was in a much better mood for Thursday.

Fast forward to Thursday night, after bathtime, and I’m drying the kiddo’s hair. I tell him he was in a better mood and I knew he was super tired the night before. He insisted he wasn’t. I told him everyone gets tired and it’s okay to go have an early bedtime.

“A warrior never quits, Mom,” he says.

Which means he hated feeling defeated that he had to go to bed a whole fifteen minutes earlier than normal.

But, really, who knew an 8 year old could be so wise? Even when fatigued beyond all words, a warrior keeps on going. Even when you don’t want to write, you sit down and write anyway. Somehow, we fight through the mental and physical fatigue to get that end product we all crave–publication.

A warrior never quits. Yep. Makes perfect sense.

Have a super weekend, y’all.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.