A #Writing Update

booksI’m ashamed at how long it’s been since my last blog post. May was gone in a puff of smoke. Like someone used a magic wand and POOF it disappeared. But things happen. Life happens and I do still have a day job that requires my attention. And a teenager. And a husband. And a cat.

I’m going to make a valiant effort to post more. I promise! Right now I’m about halfway through Holly Lisle’s awesome How To Think Sideways course. Have you taken it? If you’re a writer and you want to up your game in your craft, I highly recommend it.

So after 14 weeks of the course, what have I learned? I have really figured out who I am as a writer and what types of books I really want to write and what I love. It’s been a long, slow process and made me dive really deep into my psyche to see who I am as a writer. I’ve loved it. It’s been great. I’m so happy I decided to take the plunge and do it.

I’ve also been learning how to plot a book. If you’ve read my blog for a while, then you know that I’m a total “Pantser” 100% all the way. But even Pantsers can be somewhat reformed. I saw somewhat because I don’t think I will ever lose that organic writing process, to a degree. However, I am learning what I need to plot in order to get a book going and to get from Point A to Point B without wandering around Storyland too much.

Some of the things I discovered: aside from loving fairies, dragons, castles and elves, I have also discovered I love gardens, paths, mysterious places. The book that has come out of this writing course is one that I get all warm and tingly about. Something that gets me all excited when I talk about it. It has fairies (of course), a couple of castles, portals, sexy men, a mysterious trunk and a wizard.

The wizard surprised me. The Muse threw that in. I ran with it.

I thought you would like to read a little snippet from the new as-yet untitled work-in-progress. If you are friends with me on Facebook, then likely you’ve read this already. If not, then enjoy. By the way, her name is pronounced EE-fa.

Aoife reached for a second piece of paper. It had been folded and looked as though it was something that had been ripped out of book. Again, the language was strange. Like nothing she’d ever seen before. As she stared at the faded ink, something odd happened. The words and letters re-arranged and morphed into something she could understand.

The time of the Wizard King will come.

“The Wizard King?” Her voice was quiet in the darkness.

Something behind her lit up and glowed. She dropped the paper and turned to see a symbol on the top of the trunk had lit up, like a beacon in the darkness.

The trunk. The trunk. The trunk.

It called to her. She was certain she had heard her name coming from it. In a fog, she walked toward it and dropped to her knees. It was an old steamer trunk—she had never seen it before in the house. Where did it come from? Was it her mother’s?

The symbol on the top glowing was an intricate Celtic knotwork circle with a sword through it. The light pulsed, beckoning her.

The trunk, Aoife.

“Yes,” she heard herself say. “The trunk. Of course.”

Her fingers brushed over the Celtic knotwork and suddenly the interior illuminated. Light pushed out around the lid. She gasped and opened the lid.

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By Michelle

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