Happy Birthday to my Man! Have a great day, sweetie!

 So…I’ve lost a very important paper. I take that back, I don’t know that I’ve actually lost it. More like put it in such a safe place I can’t find it. Which is DRIVING ME MAD! I really need to find that paper. Wouldn’t you know, it was given to me because I don’t lose stuff and it would be safe? Crap. So it’s currently misplaced. I refuse to believe that it’s lost and gone forever. I just know it’s somewhere. I have no idea where though.

It’s in such a safe place, I’ve even hidden it from myself. I think this comes with old age. And I’ve decided that since I, too, have  a birthday looming <ahem> I’ll just blame it on that.

What is it about turning another year older, anyway? I’m getting closer to my scary age which has a 4 at the beginning of the number. I look back at what I’ve done since high school and think what a total idiot I’ve been in some cases. In other cases, I look back and think – WOW. I’m awesome. 😎 Yeah, I’m not that awesome. I’ve lost that Very Important Paper after all.

It better turn up.

In other news, finished reading pages of my friend’s WIP yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Sent back comments yesterday.

I’ve also been working on changing some things around on my gladiator book, making it more of an historical rather than a fantasy. I shouldn’t tinker with it but I find I can’t stop myself. And I’m thinking that the story might actually work better this way. I originally wanted to set it in Ancient Rome. I should have done all that research up front instead of trying to do a crash course now. I’ve decided that’s how I operate best–in crash course mode. 😀 I do love the deadline pressure.

I also stumbled over a piece I started working on some time ago. Another historical/time travel. The jousting book! I totally forgot about that and decided it might be time to resurrect it soon. I’m putting that on my to do list. Among other things.

There is only one more full week of school left and then they’re out for the summer. Hard to believe it’s all over already. It sure did go fast!

By Michelle

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