Adventures at the Library

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Yesterday was another scorcher. So far, this is the second hottest summer on record, next to the horrid one of 1980. I’m so ready for Fall! Alas, that’s not likely to arrive until, oh, October.

Anyway… I thought since I had such success at the library Wednesday, I’d give it another try yesterday. It was…um…interesting. I packed up my Mini and headed out after lunchtime. Since I’d worn the flip flops yesterday and was embarrassed by the flick-flick-flick noise they made, I opted for my gladiator sandals instead. Now, they don’t make a flip-flop noise at all, just so you know. But they do have kind of a hard heel. So when I walk on pavement or something, you can hear them. And I try to tread softly so I don’t sound like a clomping horse.

I get to the library, park, grab my stuff and get out of the car. There’s an older couple walking in ahead of me. I’m minding my own business, just walking along. The older gentleman in front of me pauses at the door, turns around and says, “You can’t sneak up on anyone in THOSE shoes.” And he looks pointedly at my feet and snarls. SNARLS!

I laugh nervously and smile but all the while I’m thinking WTF, really?

Now, it’s a general known fact that I don’t have a lot of patience for this kind of thing but I’m trying to be a better person about this kind of stuff. (If my husband is reading this, he’s laughing right about now.) So I opt to ignore the comment. They go in. I go in. I swing wide to the right to get through to the stairs to go up and find a secluded corner. The man is still in front of me. He pauses at the end of the stairs, turns and looks at me and says, “I mean, it’s not like they’re quiet flip flops.”

I resisted the urge to flip something at him and bit my tongue. I SO wanted to say, “THEY’RE NOT FLIP FLOPS, YOU MORON.”

Alas, I resisted. I rolled my eyes and went up the stairs to the little desk I found the day before that was so nice and quiet. I sit down, plug in, boot up. I’m all ready to write. Except there’s a woman on her cell phone a little ways back. She’s talking so loud, I can clearly hear her conversation. And I can hear the muffled voice of the other person on the other end. And I’d forgotten my iPod.

It would haven’t been so bad if she had been having a normal conversation. Instead, she’s bitching at the person on the other end. “Let me finish. Let me finish. NO, let me finish. If I wanted you to ask questions–If I wanted you to ask questions about me–IF I WANTED YOU TO ASK QUESTIONS….”


I sigh.

A man who apparently was sitting right behind me (between me and her) was so annoyed, he picked up his stuff and stomped to another table all the time looking back at her and glaring. As if she cared.

Two other girls who were in the same area packed up and left. I figured the woman on the phone got the message because she stopped talking so loud. But was still on the phone.

So I merrily click away at my keyboard. Until…


The woman gets up and stalks to the balcony and goes outside, flinging the door shut behind her. She proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs (yes, I can still hear you through the glass!) to her kid(s) on the phone to stop whatever it is they’re doing.

That was IT. I’d had it. I packed up and moved across the library. Some people have absolutely ZERO social skills and this was just beyond inconsiderate. She would have made more progress if she had gotten off the phone and taken her sorry ass HOME to deal with those kids. Maybe that’s just my opinion. 😀

When I get settled in another corner of the library, I realize I’d lost most of my momentum. I managed to finish the scene and so I turned my attention to writing the blurb for the book. It was a good brainstorming session as I realized this is actually a series of books and the story won’t be finished in the first book (the one I’m working on now). I also came up with a title for the books, one I like much better than the working title I have. So all in all, it was a good (albeit interrupted) session.

I hurry home, large Sonic cherry limeade in hand, to see how I did. My total for the day was 1617 (not including the blurb writing), bringing my grand total for the week to 5847 and my total for the WIP to 36,241. It’s a draft so I’m trying to just spit it out. I know it’ll need some revision and that’s okay. The point is, I’m getting it down. And that feels awesome.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Stay cool. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.