We had some seriously bad storms through here last night. Since I have a great boss, she told us to go home early because of them so I did. I got to the house shortly after 5 and then the storms kicked in.

A tornado hit an area that is right on my drive home – Haltom City. Not a bad tornado, probably just an F1, but STILL. I am SO glad I was already home and not driving in it.

I got golf ball size hail here at the house (and again, I’m so relieved I park in my garage). My car was fine. But hearing that hail hit the roof and the windows and the garage door… it sounded awful. My ex-in-laws, though, got baseball size hail (and they don’t live but about 10 minutes away). Their cars suffered a lot of damage.

It was so strange, too, with this storm. I was watching it roll through on one of the local stations. It was windy when I got home, but about 30 minutes later, it got dead calm. No wind. No nothing. I grabbed my cell phone, my thumb drive (because I was NOT going to lose all my hard work – haha) and a flashlight and slipped on my shoes, ready to dive into the bathtub. The sky got really really black and then it just started to dump the hail. And the wind kicked up. Very gusty and very scary.

Anyway – I was lucky I suppose. Others were not so lucky. A couple of houses were demolished in Haltom City. There was an RV dealer they showed on the news afterward – the RV were scattered around as if they were toys.

Today – it’s windy and about 50 degrees here. BRR. And I was just getting used to that 70 degree weather again. 🙂 I have RWA this morning and then this afternoon, I have a lot of work to do.

Happy Saturday!

By Michelle

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