Ah the joys

The Sweetie Boy had another fun day at MusiCamp and then he and his friend hung out at the office and compared notes on Gameboys while he and his mom (my coworker) worked the rest of the day. They were cute.

But he was worn out which makes for a very cranky kid in the evening. And a very hard to deal with kid. I was running out of patience quick. Especially since the AC is trying to crap out on me. And all the tile in the bathroom by the tub has decided to depart the wall.

Isn’t owning a home GREAT? I guess next year my next big spending will have to be on getting both bathrooms fixed. *cringe* I’m frightened, Aunti Em, I’m frightened!

Anyone got about $3000 lying around I could borrow?

I’m thinking if I can get the hard stuff done (i.e,. plumbing) then I can do the tile work myself. Maybe I can recruit Mom to help me. *grin*

It’s depressing so I’m just going to try and not think about it.

I’ve been super tired lately. Probably becuase my diet has been shit and I haven’t been working out anymore. But – hey – I lasted nearly three weeks with the work out thing. I’m going to try to get back to it. Soon.

I haven’t been writing CRAP lately. I sent off the Round 2 edits to the editor so I’m done with that until Round 3.

It’s getting late and the boy is in the tub. Since he’s a grouch, I need to get him out and in his PJs so I can get him ready for bed.

And tomorrow is another day.

By Michelle

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