Almost to the finish line

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Okay so… after an ordeal on Tuesday, I finally got things worked out and we’re a go for closing on Friday. I had a weight lift off my shoulders about that when I got the final word all was okay to go.

There was a little issue with something that someone wanted me to pay for and essentially I refused because it wasn’t my fault someone jumped the gun and ordered an appraisal on a house I didn’t end up buying. I was still within my option period and so when he called telling me I had to pay for it in addition to the one for the house I’m buying, I blew a gasket.

I called my realtor (who’s still wonderful by the way) and told her I was about 2 second away from killing the deal because of it. Luckily, she was the voice of reason and helped me out. I hung up with her and calmed down and then talked to her later. It was all worked out.

But I’m telling ya, I was completely worked up and ready to just say FORGET IT. The entire morning left me emotionally and physically drained and when I got the final word that it was cleared to close, I wanted to just melt into a big pile of jelly.

The day ended up on a nice note, though. Had a very nice date that included lots of wine (too much wine, in fact) and some great company. Yes, I think I have a little crush. It really helps he’s a hockey fan. Almost as big as I am.

And to make things even better, I got a contract for book 2 of Ransom & Fortune. So I’ve officially sold the second book.

It’s strange to think that in a few days, I will be holding the keys to my new house. I am so ready. Called all the utilities today and got them going. Have to go by the water department and get my water turned on for the new address.

Bought my refrigerator and it’s scheduled for delivery some time on Saturday. Have to measure the dishwasher and stove before I can get those purchased. I’m in the home stretch now I just have to get there.

And now it’s time for work. And :coffee:

By Michelle

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