Hey all – I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today if you want to stop by!

Can’t believe it’s the last week of November AND Thanksgiving. And I’ve failed miserably at NaNo this year. Which is the pits.

Weekend was good but too fast. I spent way too much money at the grocery store. I was quite surprised when I got the total after all my coupons. But the freezer is full and the fridge is full and the pantry is full and that’s all that really matters.

Took the kid to the gym for his basketball evaluation. He can dribble with this right hand but not is left. Then we went and bought him basketball shoes at Academy. Some inexpensive ones since he’ll only be wearing them for practice and games. The price was $29.99 but they rang up $34.99 and I was the obnoxious customer that made them change it. Yes, I held up the line. They should have their computers right, though.

Not much else happened. Had a lazy Sunday mostly. Went to Lowe’s and bought a new storage cabinet that will become the new pantry. There’s not a pantry in this house (which is a royal pain, by the way; NEVER buy a house without a pantry!) so in order to get more storage in this house, we bought a free-standing unit at Lowe’s with four shelves. I had one already but it was small and didn’t hold much and right now I have food in the overhead cabinets and the pantry. Hopefully this will solve that problem and get everything in one place which will make me a much happier person.

Thanks goodness this is only a three day work week. I’m so looking forward to having four days off to do not much of anything.

And that’s it for me. I’m off to take the kiddo to school and then the office. Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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