An Arduous Task

We’ve been getting a dumping of rain from Tropical Storm Hermine. It rained most of the day yesterday, all day and it’s still raining. I don’t think it stopped all night long. We need the rain but I think we got 3 inches overnight.

My kiddo is pretty surprising sometimes. This weekend, he was putting together one of his new Lego toys and Man and I were talking about something. I can’t recall exactly what it was but we were agreeing that some task was difficult. I guess the kiddo was listening with half an ear because he then pops off with, “You mean like it’s arduous?”

We were both rather surprised he pulled that word out of the air. He said he learned it in school. Good to know they’re actually teaching something in class.

It reminds me of another day he used a big word. He said we had a plethora of Sprite. LOL

I got first round edits done on The Coffee Wars last night. There really wasn’t much to them. I also printed out the next chapters to edit and read through of the rewrite. I’ll probably do that at lunch today. I really need to run some errands but I don’t like driving around when it’s raining and I think it’s supposed to do it all day long. Yuck.

By Michelle

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