An Itchy Situation

This is something I’m a little embarrassed to talk about but it’s been bothering me for a while now. I have this itch thing going on. My hands and feet specifically. Mostly my feet. No, it’s not athletes foot. Trust me, I know what that is and this is different. This is just…itchy. And it

It mostly happens at night. I thought it was because the weather has been so hot and dry and that I had no moisture left in my skin. So every night, one of my bedtime rituals is to put that Goldbond lotion on my feet. That certainly helped my cracked heels but it did nothing for my itchiness. So I bought some Aveeno stuff for itches. Supposedly that would stop the itch. When I felt the itch coming on, I’d put the cream on and then lotion but by the time I did that, I’d nearly scratched a hole in my skin. It’s the bottom of my foot, the top of my foot, the big toe, the second toe… it’s never in the same place twice! Sometimes it’s the ankle. I started wondering if something was biting me but the husband and kid are fine. It’s weird.

Every now and then, one or both of my palms will itch. Yesterday at work my left wrist near the palm started to itch. I scratched it red. Luckily, I was wearing long sleeves so I could hide it. But it nearly made me crazy.

I can’t figure out what the problem is. I’ve tried wearing sock, not wearing socks, wearing hose, not wearing hose. Putting lotion on before bed, in the morning, etc. etc. etc. NOTHING seems to keep the itch at bay. I’ve scratched myself raw in some places. It’s terrible.

So. I’m open to suggestions. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Any similar situation where you tried something that actually worked? I’m desperate.

By Michelle

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