An “On” Day

Quote of the Day:
I always have an opinion. Just ask me.

(Is it cocky to quote yourself?)

First of all – today is my mommy’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mommy! For her present, I bought us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in April and I can’t wait! I’m trying to figure out what I can wear with my high-heeled silver sandals. For the record, they look like this:

You ever have one of those days where you just feel “on”? Yesterday was such a day for me. It was the first time since the whole mess of my life began that I actually almost felt normal. And you couldn’t shut me up. I’d talk to anyone that listened. I had a serious case of being a true Gemini for sure yesterday.

Maybe it was because I came to grips with my situation. Maybe it was because I gave the soon-to-be ex a piece of my mind, not once but twice. Maybe it was because I realized that life will go on and my son will continue to love me no matter what. We had a great weekend and I enjoyed spending time with him (except for the 23049834 times I had to repeat “Leave the cat alone”). All I know is, I felt better than I have in days.

And I was cracking myself up and a few others at the office. Of course, SOME people didn’t think I was all that funny. I was working on this presentation for a project manager and told him I changed the color of some text because I didn’t like it. He said he was glad I had an opinion so I told him “I always have an opinion. Just ask me!” I laughed my ass off as I walked away but somehow I don’t think he thought it was that great. :doze:

Last night, I got to spend some quality time plotting and talking writing. It was so great. They helped me with my historical and I see what needs to be done with it. I need much more character development and they gave me some great ideas. I’m going to work on some character sketches in the next few days and see if I can flesh them out and make them a little more human. I wanted to write when I got home, but it was late and instead I finally finished reading that first entry for the contest. One down, four to go.

At Starbucks I tried something new. I went for the marble mocha macchiato. And OMG it was heaven. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate AND coffee, can you? Then, as we were talking, the girl brought around a tray of their yummy cupcakes and I finally got to try that sunshine cupcake I’ve been eyeing. Loved! Every! Bite!

And in other news, I sent in issues 3-5 on the new and improved Ransom & Fortune to my editor over at Inara Press. Issues 1-2 have already gone to the line editor. I’m trying to get through issue 12 done as quickly as possible so it’ll get up on the website and OOoOOo I can’t wait for the cover art! Revisiting the story makes me remember how much I totally love these characters. Dane is Okay, so never mind he’s a hit man. But he really doesn’t want to kill her. Honest.

A quick Samhain update on Talk Dirty To Me: The artist is working on artwork for May releases. Since mine is a July release, it’ll be a little while, but at least I know it’s coming. It’s coming! I have already finished the first round of edits and my editor said the next round will probably be VERY minor. Excitement!

Here’s what I want to accomplish this year:

Finish Magic
Finish the historical (there is a possible sequel too)
Work on the dragon book

I feel as though I’m getting closer to regaining my writing focus. Which is good. I really need to get back to it.

For now, it’s off to work!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.